Friday, May 13, 2005

Master of Science in Agriculture: Emphasis in Agricultural and AppliedEconomics

Statistics (6 hrs)

AGRI 491G DATA ANALYSIS/INTERPRET  Statistical models and use of samples, variation, statistical measures, distributions, tests of significance, analysis of variance, regression, correlation and chi-square as related to interpretation and use of scientific data.

AGRI 590 EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Statistical consideration in experimental design; covariance, multiple regression, factorial design, and incomplete block designs.

Economic Theory Core (12 hrs)

ECO 590 INTRO QUANTITATIVE ECO I An introduction to mathematical approaches to economic theory. Emphasis on linear models, constrained optimization, and techniques used in comparative statics.

ECO 601 ADV MICROECONOMIC THEORY An intensive course covering microeconomic theory and its various methodological and analytical techniques.

ECO 602 MACROECONOMIC THEORY An analysis of a market clearing, general equilibrium macroeconomic model. Emphasis on theoretical foundations of relevant behavioral functions and comparative statics.

ECO 603 RES METHDS PROCEDURE ECON A course in mathematical statistics with an emphasis on applications for empirical work in economics and related subjects.

Directed Studies and Electives in Agricultural and Applied Economics (15 hrs)

AGRI 597 IND SPEC PROB/AGRIC: APPLIED ECONOMETRICS Statistical tools needed to understand and execute empirical economic research projects. Estimation and inference. Ordinary least squares, generalized least squares, and maximum likelihood estimation; Limited dependent variable models. Micro-econometric applications.

AGRI 598 SEMINAR Problems and research in agriculture. Modeling Perceptions of Genetically Modified Organisms, Externalities and Pollution in Agricultural Production, Rent Seeking and Public Choice

AGRI 597 IND SPEC PROB/AGRIC: MICROECONOMIC MODELS AND APPLICATIONS Utility theory, preference relations, and decision making under uncertainty. Equilibrium concepts of game theory with application to a range of policy issues.

AGEC 463G AGRICULTURAL FINANCE Farm finance problems including capital requirements, investment decisions, budgeting techniques, etc. Lending agencies and alternative means of acquiring capital. 

AGEC 468G WORLD FOOD DEVELOPMENT Problems and opportunities in feeding an ever increasing population. Assessment of world food production, poverty, businesses and cultures; ways of increasing production

MBA Course Work in Applied Economics and Finance 

ECON 502 APPLIED MICROECON THEORY Crosslisted BA 511.Prerequisite: BA 501 or the equivalent. Fundamental concepts useful for analysis of firm, public policy, and individual decisions. Topics include demand and supply, revenue and costs, pricing, and information and uncertainty

BA 519 ADVANCED MANAGERIAL FINANCE Prerequisite: BA 509 or the equivalent. Financing policies of corporate entities with emphasis on planning the capital structure, measuring and controlling costs of alternate sources of funds, dividend policy, and capital budgeting.

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