Friday, May 13, 2005

Master of Science in Agriculture: Emphasis in Agronomy, Crop Productionand Genetics

Statistics and Research Seminar (9 hrs)

AGRI 491G DATA ANALYSIS/INTERPRET  Statistical models and use of samples, variation, statistical measures, distributions, tests of significance, analysis of variance, regression, correlation and chi-square as related to interpretation and use of scientific data.

AGRI 590 EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Statistical consideration in experimental design; covariance, multiple regression, factorial design, and incomplete block designs.

AGRI 598 SEMINAR Problems and research in agriculture. 

Agronomy-Crop Production and Genetics (15 hrs)

AGRI 528 POPULATION GENETICS Application of genetic and statistical concepts to populations of plants and domestic animals.

AGRO 414G CROP IMPROVEMENT Identification, development, and utilization of genetic differences in the improvement of cultivated plants.

AGRO 521 PASTURE MANAGEMENT  Development of pastures, physiological principles related to forage production, pasture management, and preservation and use of conserved forages.

AGRI 597 IND SPEC PROB/AGRIC CORN PRODUCTION physiological principles related to corn production, technology adoption, hybrid development, marketing, and agricultural policy.

AGRI 475G SPECIALTY CROP PRODUCTION physiological principles related to specialty crop production including tobacco and vegetable crops; conventional, organic, and natural production systems. Impacts of biotechnology and agricultural policy.

Electives in Agricultural Economics (6 hrs)

AGEC 463G AGRICULTURAL FINANCE Farm finance problems including capital requirements, investment decisions, budgeting techniques, etc. Lending agencies and alternative means of acquiring capital. 

AGEC 468G WORLD FOOD DEVELOPMENT Problems and opportunities in feeding an ever increasing population. Assessment of world food production, poverty, businesses and cultures; ways of increasing production

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