Monday, October 23, 2006


A colleague, who certainly carries views of the more liberal and left wing flavor commented on how out of bounds our state’s concealed carry laws were. He certainly is of the opinion that these laws do more to endanger the populace than protect it. He criticized the politician who introduced the bill. The politician I’m sure took the opposite view.

Both individuals are confused about where they should focus their criticisms. The 2nd amendment of the constitution makes clear that all people are to have an unfettered right to bear arms, with no exceptions mentioned regarding concealment or otherwise.

While the politician may have felt that he won a victory for the 2nd amendment, the fact that a bill had to be introduced at all is testament of our government not recognizing protected constitutional rights. He should have taken his passion to the Supreme Court, who should simply side on the basis of a literal interpretation of the constitution. My colleague, while disgusted with the politician, should realize that his true focus should be on amending the constitution to restrict the use of guns.

Of course, to the disgust of all of us, this is not likely to happen. It is in the best interest of each legislature to push through every bill necessary to maintain power, and our courts do not have a reputation of standing in the way. This process has been coined ‘ the quiet repeal of the American Revolution’ by economist Thomas Sowell in his book ‘The Quest for Cosmic Justice.’

Why is this relevant to this blog? This blog is devoted to science and economics, and both are heavily influenced by the way we are governed. In fact, many of the things that I have written about are in response to potential governmental and political behaviors.

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