Wednesday, June 21, 2006


CSPI and groups like them are very hypocritical to go after agribusiness the way they have KFC. Our food would be much healthier if these groups did not instill fear and ignorance in the population regarding transgenic/GM foods. Just as GM crops with altered fatty acid profiles can provide healthier cooking oils there are GM potatoes that have altered protein solids that absorb less saturated fat during cooking. McDonalds refuses to use these potatoes because of the GM factor.

Transgenic/GM crops must go through multiple layers of testing before they can be approved for production and especially for human consumption. This costs millions of dollars, and creates a barrier to entry for new biotech startups and universities- all of which could be producing the science necessary for improved and sustainable healthy living.

The same regulatory agencies involved in ensuring that our food is free from pathogens, allergenic, mad cow disease, and that our medicines are safe as well- are responsible for the safety of biotech crops. The opportunity cost to our health and the world that we are bearing in the name of 'safety' in nutrition is huge.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Center for Science in the Public Interest is after KFC for using hydrogenated oils in their food products (resulting in trans-fatty acids). Hydrogenation makes polyunsaturated fatty acids ( like linoleic acid) more stable food ingredient.

Of course the resulting trans-fatty acids are unhealthy. And of course CSPI is once again behind on their awareness of the current state of science and technology. "The beans are already in the ground." Low-lin beans that is. PioneerHi-Bred International, Inc( a subsidiary of DuPont) is now marketing and farmers are now planting soybeans with altered fatty acid profiles with lower levels of linoleic fatty acids that obviate the need for hydrogenation.

In a few years time, with more genetic and supply chain improvements they will likely be the norm for food ingredients. This is the market's response to both consumer desires and the uncertainty created by frivolous litigators like CSPI. Why waste everyone's time and money with a long drawn out lawsuit, or worse a government intervention, when we have the technology and incentives to correct the problems through institutions and forces already in place.

Of course the low-lin trait is stacked with other positive environmental health traits like glyphosate resistance. (i.e. Genetically Modified), which I am sure CSPI or other anti science and anti freedom gainsayers will oppose.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Currently there is a school in Pennsylvania that is entertaining making it against the rules for parents to have lunch with their kids on the school premises if they bring in unhealthy fast food.

Of course, their logic is that schools should teach students to live healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices. But this is not what is being taught by example. By example, this ruling would be showing children that the state defines what a good choice is and has the power to ensure that we make that choice. It teaches that experts are better able to decide what is better for the lowly pedestrian subject who claims ownership to his own body. (and by extension his family and property)

This approach would however work better teaching a subject like mathematics. Even though math is a very important subject, in my high school they did not force everyone to learn algebra. Instead they re-invented pre-college mathematics through storytelling and arts and crafts. How can we give students a free hand to make their own choices about the correct answer to a math problem through creative writing( which many modern high school math courses emphasize opinion over fact as mine did), and then act like tyrants when it comes to personal choices where opinion actually matters.

The role of the school in this matter should be EDUCATION. Teach mandatory courses about nutrition and the possible consequences of lifestyle choices. Maintain a mandatory year-round physical education curriculum. Let the life they live be the final exam.