Wednesday, June 21, 2006


CSPI and groups like them are very hypocritical to go after agribusiness the way they have KFC. Our food would be much healthier if these groups did not instill fear and ignorance in the population regarding transgenic/GM foods. Just as GM crops with altered fatty acid profiles can provide healthier cooking oils there are GM potatoes that have altered protein solids that absorb less saturated fat during cooking. McDonalds refuses to use these potatoes because of the GM factor.

Transgenic/GM crops must go through multiple layers of testing before they can be approved for production and especially for human consumption. This costs millions of dollars, and creates a barrier to entry for new biotech startups and universities- all of which could be producing the science necessary for improved and sustainable healthy living.

The same regulatory agencies involved in ensuring that our food is free from pathogens, allergenic, mad cow disease, and that our medicines are safe as well- are responsible for the safety of biotech crops. The opportunity cost to our health and the world that we are bearing in the name of 'safety' in nutrition is huge.

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