Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Center for Science in the Public Interest is after KFC for using hydrogenated oils in their food products (resulting in trans-fatty acids). Hydrogenation makes polyunsaturated fatty acids ( like linoleic acid) more stable food ingredient.

Of course the resulting trans-fatty acids are unhealthy. And of course CSPI is once again behind on their awareness of the current state of science and technology. "The beans are already in the ground." Low-lin beans that is. PioneerHi-Bred International, Inc( a subsidiary of DuPont) is now marketing and farmers are now planting soybeans with altered fatty acid profiles with lower levels of linoleic fatty acids that obviate the need for hydrogenation.

In a few years time, with more genetic and supply chain improvements they will likely be the norm for food ingredients. This is the market's response to both consumer desires and the uncertainty created by frivolous litigators like CSPI. Why waste everyone's time and money with a long drawn out lawsuit, or worse a government intervention, when we have the technology and incentives to correct the problems through institutions and forces already in place.

Of course the low-lin trait is stacked with other positive environmental health traits like glyphosate resistance. (i.e. Genetically Modified), which I am sure CSPI or other anti science and anti freedom gainsayers will oppose.

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