Thursday, July 06, 2006


Why are groups like CSPI and Green Peace so opposed to transgenic crops? Perhaps the most egregious perception that they try to perpetuate among the public is that GM crops are unsafe. We have been consuming foods derived from what most people consider to be GM crops(GM referring to gene-spliced or transgenic crops in laymen's terms) for over 10 years without any adverse effects to human health. Currently more than 70% of the products we find on the grocery store shelves are derived from GM crops. 90% of all enzymes used in large scale food processing result from using gene spliced microorganisms. Most people fear the laboratory techniques involved in producing GM foods. What we must remember is that the same free market incentives and regulatory system that has ensured that our water and air have been clean (with improving numbers) over the last 30 years provide no exception with regards to biotechnology.

We have more than a 40 year track record for safety with regards to more drastic crop improvement techniques such as chromosome doubling and mutation breeding. Some believe that we have taken our concern for safety too far, leading to hampered long term advancements in public health.

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