Friday, August 31, 2007


Corn is over $3 bushel compared to an average of about $2 for the last few years. Soybeans are over $8.50 per bushel vs. an average of about $6.00 for the last few years. While prices are up, and good marketing will pay off for many producers, many others may be facing yield problems as a result of drought conditions.

SOYBEANS: The recent dry weather will be deleterious to those plants that were stressed during the flowering and pod fill stages. Flower and pod abortions will likely result. For those already in grain fill, pods will be lighter of may have fewer beans.

CORN: Corn has had many obstacles this year. After planning early we had a late freeze. Frost typically will not hurt corn at less than V4 stage, but there were some worries about germination with cold ground temperatures. Early planted corn may have made it through critical pollination stage but the heat and drought was pretty bad when it came to grain fill. Ears may not be as full, and test weights will likely be much lighter. The dry conditions will force the plant to draw moisture and nutrients from the stalk if it can’t get all that is required from the parched soil. ( notice the quick browning we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks). This will greatly affect the physiology of the plant when it comes time for harvest, and could result in more loss due to harvest conditions.

Estimates put corn yields down 26 bu/ac vs 146 bu/ac last year.

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