Monday, September 10, 2007


What is rbST? rbST is recombinantly (lab) produced bovine somatotropin. This hormone is given supplementally by dairy producers to increase milk production in their herds. Supplemental rbST helps increase the efficiency of conversion of feed to milk in the cow's body. Producers of all sizes and types are able to benefit from this as it increases milk production per cow by about 10% or more.

How is this good for the environment? --- It requires fewer resources to produce more milk.

Less feed, less waste, less land, less energy, less water, less erosion, less pollution, less methane, more Milk!

It is a testament of environmental stewardship practiced by the American farmer. It also is another example among many that I have provided to demonstrate how embracing modern science ( biotechnology) is more sustainable and resource friendly than many other trends in food and popular culture today.


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