Friday, October 12, 2007


I've linked to this before , but there are so many things that it highlights, that I think this deserves another post.


1. If you worry about food safety you should know that GM foods are as safe as other foods and that GM crops are grown with fewer pesticide applications than traditional crops.

2. If you treasure butterflies you need to know that pesticides used in conventional farming are far worse than GM crops for butterflies.

3. If you have allergies you need to know that GM technology can eliminate food allergens and that all GM crops are extensively tested to make sure that no new allergens are introduced. In addition,GM crops are being created in which the major allergens have been eliminated.

4. If you are worried about cancer you should take note of the fact that 99.99 percent of the carcinogens in your food supply are natural chemicals that humans have been eating for thousands of years. However, GM technology provides the means of increasing levels of phytoestrogens, isoflavones,carotenoids, and other antioxidants known to prevent cancer.

5. If you are a woman and worried about getting sufficient iron you should know that genetic modification can increase the iron content of cereals and has eliminated chemicals (phytic acid) that prevent iron absorption.

6. If you have doubts about the government’s approval of GM crops you need to know that extensive testing and a long approval process accompany every GM crop introduction. In the United States, three agencies regulate these crops.

7. If you care about the environment you may want to know that GM foods can make a significant contribution to alleviating the negative impact that agriculture has on our environment.

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