Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sarah Palin Inarticulate?

Is Sarah Palin inarticulate? On what basis of comparison? Would this be an issue if she were to actually run for president?

Maybe not. Despite both President Obama's confusion about basic economics, gaffs, and inarticulate mishaps, he was quite successful in his campaign.
For example see here, here, and here. This is not to bash or disrespect the POTUS, but to illustrate how unfair or biased this criticism of Sarah Palin has been.

As far as Palin- what happened to all of the interviews like this( On Larry Kudlow)- where are the gaffs? This is inarticulate? ( this is prior to Governor Palin joining the ticket- so no tricks)

If all you saw of the campaign were the above videos of President Obama and the above video of Governor Palin, who would you judge as being 'inarticulate'? This is exactly the flavor of the campaign coverage provided by the national media, and illustrates exactly why so many Americans have such a poor perception of who is or isn't 'articulate.'

To continue with this criticism of Sarah Palin, while dodging the issues like taxes, spending,the stimulus, regulation, inflation, and natural resources is intellectually dishonest on the part of all of her critics, political opponents, and anyone in the media that continues to play this game.

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