Sunday, April 15, 2012

Food Quiz

Refer to the images above labeled 'A' and 'B.'

#1 Correctly label each product:

A _____________________________________________________
B _____________________________________________________

 #2 Which statement below is most correct.

a. Product A is typically identified on food labels
b. Product B is typically identified on food labels
c. Both product A and product B are typically identified on food labels
d. none of the above

Ans: See comments


Matt Bogard said...

A finely textured beef
B mechanically separated poultry

#2 Actually c is correct. Mechancially separated meats are required to be identified of food labels. Since finely textured beef is simply an extremely lean beef product, it is simply identified as 'beef' on food labels, although some companies are now identifying this uniquely in their labeling because there has been a lot of confusion between the images above. Activists, TV celebrity chefs, and shock journalists have used the derogatory term 'pink slime' to describe what's depicted in image 'A' (finely textured beef) while also in many cases presenting image 'B' as an illustration.

Create Online Quiz said...

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