Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to Really March Against Monsanto - via Fancy Beans

How To Really March Against Monsanto

This article makes a great point- despite frictions introduced by subsidies and monopolistic rents by companies like Monsanto, the food on your table is largely the result of a spontaneous order produced by the interaction of thousands of family farms, agribusinesses, and biotechnology companies.(I,Pencil might be worth re-reading). No one person knows how to produce an ear of corn. Despite its huge role in the proliferation of innovative green technologies, Monsanto plays a very small part overall. Take for example John Deere:"For all their success, innovations like tractors, hybrid varieties, decades of intensive breeding, soil testing and careful fertilization are far more important in supporting massive corn and soy production. But no one would "March Against John Deere" even though the tractor is probably one of the most important innovations in agriculture in all of history — and John Deere the company controls at least 60 percent of the farm equipment market. "

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