Sunday, March 01, 2015

Marc Bellemare: Making Sense of the GMO Debates

Nice piece from Marc Bellemare: "In that debate, I am often astounded by how anti-scientific the anti-GMO crowd can be. This is especially so given that the anti-GMO crowd is largely composed of people on the left; the same who are so often heard saying how anti-scientific people on the right can be when it comes to evolution, the existence of God, and so on."

People on the left often don't realize so many times that when they jump on so many of these policy bandwagons say related to taking drastic actions to combat climate change for instance, or GMO labels in this case, it's a giant leap beyond what the 'science' actually supports, in effect, a leap of faith. (I know there is also a sizable group on the far right also has an odd for supporting drastic extensive government regulation on GMOs)Suddenly, all of those recycle bins, hybrid cars, re-usable grocery bags, pig tail light bulbs,organic veggies etc. become reduced largely to 'quasi-religious practices.' Which is OK, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, until they try to start trying to force their 'religion' on others at the ballot box, which they have been quite successful. No one is subsidizing or forcing anyone to put those ten commandment yard signs in your yard, but what about those red plastic recycle bins? 

Channeling Landsburg's "Why I am not an environmentalist"

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