Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grist puts a face on Big Ag

I have written before that many people  are confused 'big ag' and 'industrial agriculture.'  These terms typically are devoid of meaning and are shibboleths that revolve around a line of thinking that corporate interests (perhaps closely connected with government agencies like USDA,EPA etc.) control our food supply and as a result deliver food that is unhealthy and unsustainable. But this really amounts to some mixture of myth and conspiracy theory.  The reality is that when you follow your food back to its source, you find what 'big ag' really amounts to is a complex network of modern family farms, biotechnology companies, food processors, and retailers that cooperate to bring healthy and sustainable food to your table.

This story from Grist basically allows one to put a 'face' on the maligned 'industrial agriculture' that is often the brunt of these meaningless terms and less than honest advertising campaigns by retailers like Chipotle.

Think commodity farmers are evil?- Meet a few of them.

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