Tuesday, January 02, 2007


McDonalds has been in the news lately for its unhealthy menu. People like to blame unrestrained capitalism for the poor choices people make in their diet and the widespread availability of unhealthy food. However, we must recognize that there are many positive, healthy, and environmentally friendly trends that are also consumer and profit driven.

In order to compete with the poultry industry, and its perceived leaner and healthier food products, the pork industry has been campaigning for over a decade to respond to consumer demands for healthier food choices i.e. the campaign slogan ‘Pork: the other white meat.’ Due to advances in feed technology, management, and swine genetics, the pork industry has been able to improve their products to meet these demands. It is now possible to choose pork over chicken and not have to compromise on fat intake. Pork loin now has less fat than an equal serving of chicken breast.

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