Wednesday, January 10, 2007


If you read my previous entry you might say OK, so what about the environment? What good does it do to provide consumers with healthy food if it leads to an unhealthy environment?

Well the same trend in technological advancement that is leading to healthier pork products are also leading to cleaner, ‘greener’ production practices. Simply, improved nutrition and swine genetics means better nutrient utilization and basically less ‘potent’ excrement. With more nutrients being absorbed and utilized by the livestock we have fewer making it into streams and water sources. This results in less pollution

Examples include corn with altered amino acid profiles, energy content, and available phosphorus levels. NutriDense corn developed by ExSeed Genetics is a prime example. Other companies such as Monsanto and Pioneer Hi-Bred are also developing similar products. Rations have even been developed to help manage odor control.

The bottom line is that better nutrition and genetics that leads to improved feed efficiency and rate of gain means less impact on the environment per pound of food produced. The truth is that laws mandating healthier food choices did not bring about these advancements. They were brought about by consumer demands and the profit incentives associated with meeting those demands.

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