Friday, June 29, 2012

Affordable 'Car' Act

Pending Thursday's supreme court decision on the Affordable 'Care' Act, auto industry, labor, environmental, and banking related interests are swamping DC offices to encourage lawmakers to pass what they term The Affordable 'Car' Act. Supporters are calling this bill a win-win for consumers, labor, and the environment.

Under the proposed plan, auto owners will be required to own or purchase at least one hybrid powered vehicle. Failure to do so will result in a financial penalty yet to be determined. Supporters insist the penalty is not a tax, but the program will be administered and fines collected by the IRS, making the new law constitutional in light of the court's recent decision.

Revenues collected will be used to subsidize the purchase of hybrid cars (through loan guarantees) to help low income car owners make the switch. Additional funds will be allocated toward making autoworker pensions solvent, as well as funding R&D for additional hybrid technology research.

The Occupy Wall Street movement offers the follwing praise: "In a post Citizens United world, where we are used to victories for big business, bankers, and special interests, this is one for the people."

*FYI- this is satire

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agricultural investments said...

Oh dear God, my heart skipped a beat until I saw your caveat at the end!